What is Dovobet?


Dovobet is a fixed-dose combination of the steroid betamethasone dipropionate (Rinderon-DP) and the vitamin D3 calcipotriol (Dovonex). It is covered by insurance for psoriasis vulgaris.

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As mentioned, this drug was developed to reduce the need for patients to apply topical medications. Its once-daily topical application is highly therapeutic and can be used for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.
However, it cannot be used for rashes on the face, so patients with rashes on the face need to use other topical agents that can also be used on the face.
The name Dovobet is derived from D and V of vitamin D and betamethasone.

Side Effects of Dovobet

When using Dovobet, it is important to note that side effects of both steroids and vitamin D3 may occur.

To prevent serious side effects of vitamin D3 (kidney failure and hypercalcemia), there is a limit to how much can be used. For Dovobet, the maximum dosage per week is limited to 90g.
(In practice, however, most patients who need topical medication exceeding the maximum limit are usually given a combination of other treatments. There is little need for the patients themselves to be concerned over the limit.)

As with the use of topical vitamin D3, treatment should be continued with regular blood tests. Specifically, it is recommended that blood tests be performed once every 2 to 4 weeks after the start of treatment, and thereafter as needed.

Dovobet Dosage Forms

Dovobet comes in three dosage forms (ointment, gel, and foam)

  • Ointment: Yellowish-white to yellow in color, ointment are the stickiest form of treatment, and they are thick. However, ointments also less likely to cause leakage. They’re often used for lesions on the body and limbs.
  • Gels: Colorless to slightly yellowish-white, gels are lipophilic and almost transparent. They are less sticky than ointments and an easy form to use for lesions in hairy areas, if not large areas. Of course, it can also be used for lesions on the body.
  • Foam: Comes out as a white to yellowish-white foam when pumped out. This form is the least sticky and easiest to use on extensive hairy lesions. Foam is the newest dosage form, becoming available in June 2021.

Dovobet dosage form can be chosen from these three types based on the user’s preferred application method. Although they can be used in combination, the maximum amount that can be used per week combined is 90g.

Examples of preferred choice
  • I like to use a gel that spreads easily on rashes located around my head.
  • I usually apply the Dovobet ointment to lesions on my body, but in the summer, I find foam to be more refreshing.


There is no major difference in efficacy or side effects for each dosage form. The appropriate dosage form for each patient depends on factors such as the severity of the skin rash, the site of onset, and the season. Please discuss with your doctor at the time of consultation.

Medicine Amount and Copayment

The ointment and gel are available in 15g and 30g formulations, and foam is available in 60g. All three types of Dovobet are covered by insurance for psoriasis vulgaris. The drug price for all dosage forms is the same, 221.3 yen per gram.

Use for Patients with Specific Backgrounds

Administration to children

Not recommended for use in children (under 16 years of age)

Administration to Pregnant and Lactating Women

Not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating patients.
Please inform us at the time of consulatation if any of the above applies to the patient. In such cases, we may suggest alternative treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer the medication to another container?

The stability of the medication is not guaranteed when it is transferred from the original container. Therefore, we cannot prescribe it by transferring it from a small tube to a larger container. Please do not transfer the medication yourself to another container.

Can the medication be mixed with other medicines?

The medicines are not approved for use in combination with other ointments or creams, partly because the drug is inherently unstable.



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